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Russian How of You distinguished from Internet?

How most to make a site?

The information placed here, can help you as at creation of a simple personal page, and at designing the big site with program content.
(Translation from Russian)

Simple page
The main tags
Free-of-charge hosting
Domain name
Paid hosting
Local server
The allocated server

Simple page

FrontPage   For this purpose any is necessary to us HTML the editor, but it is better to take good: Microsoft Office FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Both these the editor allow to see and edit simultaneously and HTML a code and its display. To master any of these editors simply. The editor from Macromedia professionals usually prefer.
   Write and issue the text of a page, add pictures and save in any folder. The file of yours main pages should be called index.htm or index.html. Other pages you can name somehow, the type of a file should be .htm or .html. In a name use only latin symbols of the bottom register.
   For your breakdown a web of page on various areas use the table with thickness of border of cells equal 0.
   If on your site it is a lot of pictures, pay attention to program Web Image Guru. By means of this program you can compress the JPG images in some times without loss of quality. Almost same result of job with compression of images you receive and in the main program a web of designer Adobe Photoshop.

The main tags

   Very seldom happens, that the site consists all of one page. For certain and you want to make or already have made some pages. Let's try check up, whether correctly we have gathered all. In a folder of your site files of all your pages and pictures should lay. Click in an explorer or the file manager on your main page with the name index. Try to pass under the link to your second page. Even, if the page has opened, check up all your links. So, for example the link to page page2.html should look approximately so <a href = "page2.html" target = " _ blank ">. If so-called before index.html you have something clean all superfluous. If you wish to open the link in a current window, clean also target = " _ blank ".
   Check up links to your pictures. The link to a picture image.jpg can look approximately so <img src = "image.jpg" border = "0" width = "200" height = "100">. Parameters width and height certainly can be others. If the picture lays in the same folder, as pages everything, that is so-called before image.jpg need to be cleaned.
   To avoid in the future of the problems connected by that any link will be non-working, track, that all names of files consisted everywhere only of capital letters. If it not so rename files of pages and pictures, and also edit if necessary all links.

Free-of-charge hosting

cPanel   Now your site needs to be placed on the Internet that any person who knows the electronic address of your site, could come on your page.The free-of-charge hosting without an opportunity of performance of scripts is offered with many post services and search engines, for example:, At desire it is possible to find a free-of-charge hosting with support of performance PHP of scripts and database MySQL, for example: The truth on a free-of-charge hosting usually shows advertising a hosting of the provider.
   All a hosting providers usually give the detailed instruction on adjustment and management of the site. On the majority of servers it is given to clients convenient cPanel and you from the browser can directly adjust mail and the virtual server.
   In the panel of administration of a virtual hosting usually there is a built in file manager, but for convenient files on a server, the client is better to use FTP. The popular manager of files Total Commander the client has convenient built in FTP. Adjustments FTP of accounts of this program are stored in a file c: \windows \wcx_ftp.ini.


   After your site is placed on the Internet to you certainly it will want, that on it visitors went. Before everywhere registering the site, it it is necessary to lead necessary for search engines and catalogues to a kind. There is a set of sites on which process of optimization and promotion of a site is in details described, for example:,,
   Bring in meta-tag Description the description of page. Try to make this description, better, than at your competitors. Though meta-tag Keywords now practically is not used, just in case fill also it. It is useful to look, as these tags at your competitors are filled. For this purpose look an initial code of their pages. It can be made in any browser, having chosen corresponding item of the menu at a clique on page the right button of the mouse.
   Search engines appreciate the sites rich with the information maintenance. It is necessary to aspire to increase in text filling a site.Optimum it is necessary to consider the pages containing 500-3000 words or 2-20 Kb. The text (from 2 up to 20 thousand symbols). Keywords and phrases should meet in the text at least 3-4 times or should borrow 5-7 % of density from the general volume of page.
   Register the site in popular search engines and catalogues: Google, Yandex, DMOZ and others.
   Begin discussion of the subject at forums.
   The exchange of thematic links with other sites will lift your index of citing in opinion of search engines.
   There are various programs which will help you to untwist the site, it: AllSubmitter, AddSite, SeMonitor.

Domain name

   At accommodation of a site on any hosting the name for your site in a domain zone of the provider, for example, will be offered to you. For some time you it is possible and will arrange, but after a while you probably want to replace the provider, and the address of your site will accordingly be replaced. Thus you can lose the visitors who will try to come on your old address. To have an opportunity to change the provider it is possible to buy to itself a domain name. It is not obligatory to buy to itself dear domain name for 20 c.u. a year in a zone .RU. In area 7 c.u. a year it is possible to get a domain name in domain zones: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .NAME. there is a great variety of firms which carry out registration of domain names, for example:,, We also can register on you a domain name zones:, or a domain zone of any other city .ru all for 1 c.u. for unlimited term.
   It is not necessary to get a hosting and a domain name at the same providers, despite of offered discounts. In the future if you want to replace the provider your current provider will tighten in every possible way translation process of a domain name in other place and for some time your site it can appear disabled.

Paid hosting

   Probably, that through any time your project will start to grow for frameworks of a free-of-charge hosting, to you will bother to show another's advertising and you will look for to itself a hosting with an opportunity of performance of scripts and support of databases. In total for 1 c.u. a month you without special work can find a good place for the small project or for 4 c.u. for the project more. Providers as Are worthy for example such a hosting:,,


Nusphere PhpEd   To create sites with use PHP of scripts it is enough to have such software product, as NuSphere PhpEd. Last versions of the program, except for built in HTTP a server and the debugger integrated by the editor, includes sets PHP4, PHP5 and constant check of a code on syntactic mistakes.
   To have an opportunity local PHP to a script to send mail, it is necessary to find a file php.ini. Then to find a line beginning with SMTP = and instead of localhost, to write the address of the mail server, for example, a mail server of the provider.
   On the Internet there is a set of sites and forums which can help to start to use to you PHP scripts on the site, for example:, At all not being the programmer, you can use on the site ready PHP scripts, for example: counters, guest books, forums, etc.
   For example, it is absolutely easy to put on the site a popular forum phpBB.
   If you wish to have an opportunity of editing of the pages directly from the site, pay attention on visual HTML editor TinyMC. Certainly personally he is not necessary to you, but if your site will be administered by other users, they will be happy. There are also convenient plug-ins for this editor: MCFileMahager and MCImageManager.
   It would be desirable to mention also a set of scripts GeoIP which allow to define from what country and from what city the visitor has come to you. The only thing that can frighten off you from use of this product - the big file of a database of cities, about 25 Mb.
   Are much less often used Perl and ASP scripts.


SQLyog   With PHP scripts it is very easy to use database MySQL. Since 5-th version this database supports such means SQL, as: VIEW, PROCEDURE, FUNCTION, TRIGGER. This server is very easily established under any operational system, including and under Windows. Only after installation of a database do not forget to start MySQL Administrator.
   For job with a database the provider usually gives software product under name PhpMyAdmin. But for professional job with MySQL it is better to use SQLyog. Usually providers open access to a database only for localhost and scripts on the server. But last versions of this remarkable program allow to work with a database on a server of the provider through HTTP or SSH the tunnel. If there is an opportunity, it is better to use last variant since at HTTP tunneling SQLyog incorrectly codes symbols of cyrillics. Adjustments of accounts of this program are stored in a file sqlyog.ini, located in a folder of the program.
   If you pass on SQLyog with PHPmyAdmin probably you will be surprised with absence in this program of search on a database. Do not despair, execute SQL inquiry like
select * from ` table_name ` where ` field_name ` like ' %context % ' limit 100;
Instead of table_name, field_name and context certainly it is necessary to substitute a name of the table, a name of a field and a line of search.   Other databases, for example Postgre are sometimes used.

Local server

   For convenience of testing of own site conveniently when by the local machine there is a web-server, about same, as at the provider. For beginning or lazy the web-masters exists the project "Denwer". It is Enough to start this installer and at you appears completely adjusted: a web server Apache, MySQL, PHP, kernel Perl. For addition to system of the site it is enough to add to this system a folder with files of the site.
   It is possible to establish manually server Apache, PHP, Perl and to adjust all this facilities how it is necessary for you. It is possible to find set of clauses In the Internet with instructions of step-by-step adjustment of a local server, for example: Installation of server Apache 2.2 under Windows XP or Installation of a server the Apache or Installation Apache on a house computer with Windows. And though will have will tinker, before at you all will earn, but then it will be possible to establish any versions of the server software and all job of a local server will be is under your control.
   That on your local server instructions from files .htaccess worked is necessary to find a file httpd.conf. Then to find lines AllowOverride None and to replace them on AllowOverride All. That on a local server worked mod_rewrite, do not forget in the same file uncomment a line with mod_rewrite. To have opportunity PHP to a script to work with AuthType Basic establish PHP as module Apache, otherwise yours PHP the script never will receive values $ _SERVER [' PHP_AUTH_USER '] and $ _SERVER [' PHP_AUTH_PW '].

The allocated server

   Probably, after you will get the hand in adjustment of a local server, you will want to make the same and on a server on the Internet. For quite comprehensible payment, from 6 c.u. a month you can receive in the order the virtual allocated server (VDS/VPS) with root access. The inexpensive and worthy provider is MiniVDS.
    Under projects greater and dear the Internet usually rent at the provider the whole computer. This pleasure can manage to you from 80 c.u. a month and more. The truth to administer it to you will have independently or in addition to pay for administration.

Marabou, 12.05.2007

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