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On our portal you can learn about our amicable family of programmers, our jobs and our life. On this page we offer you brief excursion on our portal.

The site is necessary to you or you wish to connect payment system to a site? In section creation of sites  you can look examples of our jobs, familiarize with provisional cost and terms of performance of the order. Here there are links to a demo of the version of some ours a web of operating time.
Be going to independently to make a site or choose an ideal router for a house network, and can be dream of the automatic switch of light? Esteem various articles, , learn, how it was done by us and do not repeat our mistakes. You can express opinion on our articles.
In section our projects are collected links to other projects made by us. Some of these sites are on sale, since there are people who do not like to pay creation of a site.
In section useful references there is a set of links to sites with a useful software, tests, the various information and many other things.
In section our information there are links to personal sites of each member of family. Also there there is an archive of news of our site, codes of links to our site, our rules and the contact information. Here you can look, that other users on our site searched.

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