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  1. Authors of clauses do not bear the responsibility for possible discrepancies which can meet in texts of publications. You can use the information placed on our site in the personal purposes, but we not not this the responsibility for consequences and result of use of this information in any kind.
  2. All the rights to the information placed on our portal belong to authors of publications.
  3. In the text of responses and in the information on use of not normative lexicon and the expressions humiliating advantage of any person, a site or the organization is forbidden. Also in texts of responses and the information on use any html tags is forbidden. Still it is forbidden to place any information contradicting the legislation of the civilized states.
  4. Any visitor of a site can leave the response on any publication or the answer to a response. The response left by you, you can edit or remove at any moment. If you delete the message on which there are answers such answers will be concerns to the message to which your answer before removal concerned. The response or the answer is published at once but if he mismatches rules in the future can be removed by a moderator.
  5. To place the information on a site any person in the age of from 10 years can. At registration on a site it is forbidden to specify the information mismatching the validity in registration data or to speak on behalf a name of other person.
    The moderator of a site can reject any material placed on a site if he contradicts the given rules.
  6. "Our authors" on a site are published in section data of authors whom they have resolved to display in the adjustments. In the personal information it is authorized to place images only in formats JPG, GIF and PNG. Minimally admissible size of the image on any of the parties 48 pixels. Images more, than 468 pixels on any of the parties will be automatically reduced till this size.

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